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Piece of Cake Communications

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About Us

Piece of Cake Communications is thrilled to celebrate 7 years in business!

How did Piece of Cake Communications get its name?

I was very hungry when I tried to think of a name for the company – and I do love cake – so that explains that!  But seriously, I was giving a workshop one afternoon and someone said, “That was a piece of cake.”  Right then I decided it was a cute phrase – and a fun, unique name.  And thus, Piece of Cake Communications was born.  I ate cake to celebrate, of course.

How do you know so much about business communications?

I know so much about business communications because I’ve made ALL the mistakes possible… and lived to tell!

I have a long history of working in the area of communications.  I have worked as a radio host, radio producer, recruiter, and a communications advisor.  I have been a Toastmaster for more than 28 years too!

I’ll get you ready to communicate with confidence – and I’ll even share my embarrassing experiences with you so you can avoid making some of the most common errors people make.

Can you relate to someone who has a lot of fear and worries when communicating with others?

Yes!  I’ve been fearful and I have worried a lot too.  Sometimes I am still fearful and I still worry.  But my fear and my worries are less important to me than communicating what I need to communicate.  I can show you how to use your communication skills in an assertive, friendly, professional way.

The Vision:  Everyone being able to communicate their interests, needs and wants in a confident, diplomatic, and kind way.

The Mission:  To help people overcome their communications-related fears and get where they are meant to go.

Privacy Policy:  I protect personal information you provide when you request a subscription to the monthly newsletter posting.  I do not share lists with any other party.