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One-on-One Coaching client testimonial:

People have always said I was a good presenter but I had this underlying anxiety that I could not unload. Sarah offered me a safe environment to explore my fear of public speaking and I was pleasantly surprised at how effective she was at teaching how to reposition one’s outlook on fears. What was previously an uncontrolled fear for me is now an energy that I understand how to embrace and use to my advantage. Using fear to empower – it sounded like an unachievable concept to me too at first. But after a few sessions with Sarah, there I was, overseas – a couple days away from delivering a keynote presentation – and what was I doing? For the first time ever I was able to enjoy myself touring the sites and dining with a good friend. My presentation was still a hit. My nerves are still there but they no longer dominate me.

Workshop and course participant testimonials:

  • I loved the workshop.  It was straight forward and to the point.  It gave me lots of tools to work with.  I feel more confident. 
  • I loved the powerful simplicity of your workshop – no PowerPoint! 
  • I know I will use the skills you taught me in my business.   
  • I found your workshop very informative.  I appreciated the practical tools and tips you presented and demonstrated 
  • Before this course I was so afraid of public speaking that my heart would race and my knees shook.  But now I feel like I can give a short, prepared speech amongst a small crowd.
  • I liked the real life examples, impromptu speaking and lots of opportunity to practice.
  • I liked the personal, one-on-one teaching.  Great background knowledge and practical hints. 
  • I liked how you adapted the program to our individual needs.
  • The instructor connects with the group and makes everyone feel important.
  • I already feel more confident! 
  • Even though I am very nervous, you make the class comfortable and I look forward to each class.