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One of the workshops I teach is titled Communicate with Confidence. This workshop teaches people how to ask for what they want and need in a polite, professional way despite very challenging circumstances.

This workshop is the very first I ever created and is my most popular to date – perhaps because in our politically correct world (and, in my opinion overly sensitive world), people simply don’t know how to proceed with certain sensitive matters. To be honest, sometimes I don’t know what to do in these situations either and I am forced to pull out my workshop notes and consider my action steps! That’s humbling for sure.

One thing I do know is that when we don’t address an important issue the people at the centre of the issue (the offender) ends up missing out on an important learning opportunity and usually continues the behaviour that is destructive to them or those around them. Everyone gets ripped off and everyone misses out at some level.

When we choose to do nothing, we almost always create a problem for someone else in the future. I am reminded of the day I had to fire an 85-year-old woman from a volunteer role she dearly loved because she attended her duties completely drunk – and had apparently been doing this for well over a year. I was new in my position and was forced to take action even though my predecessor knew of the problem for a long time.  Thanks a lot!

While there are no magic words to say that will take the sting out of certain important conversations, and while you will get tense and sweaty at the mere thought of the conversation, this doesn’t mean it is okay to walk away pretending you are not capable of trying. Call in a support network if you have them (an HR department, a manager, another colleague, a friend) but don’t avoid it.

This month I encourage you to consider dealing with a sensitive situation or discussion you have been avoiding.  Please report back to me to let me know the results.

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