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Don’t Be Afraid To Go To Parties!

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Do you hate small talk? Most people do… myself included. If you are heading to a party/gathering this Summer – be prepared for the inevitable small talk that awaits you.

But, don’t despair! There is something you can do to make small talk a little easier for yourself and for others too.

Bring (or wear) a conversation starter.

A conversation starter is a “unique to you” item that helps you stand out from others. Why are conversation starters so helpful? Because they give others a springboard for a conversation with you.

Examples of conversation starter pieces:

  • a flower in your hair
  • a Pandora bracelet with unique charms
  • a bright purple neck scarf (I find purple to be a very welcoming colour)
  • shoes with an Elvis head sculptured into the heel (yes, I’ve seen these…and I am so sad that I didn’t buy them!)
  • a jacket that says “Ecuador” across the front (or any other place you are enthusiastic about)

The best part of improving your small talk skills is that the next time you go to a party, you won’t have to worry about the same old, boring small talk. I am so tired of talking about the weather!


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